Saturday, 3 December 2016

From a November draft, that I decided to post.

Scribbling work,

So Donald Trump is now the American President Elect. Dieu Soit loue.
Here is the closest American Patriotic image I have,
from at least two years ago,

and, two comics, that are good, for different reasons.

Behind you, which is appropriate to a Halloween theme, and

Cheer Up Emo Kid., which successfully uses minimalist art.

In the context of a hot sunny lazy sunday afternoon.
From last year, around Christmas time, a small gift that I eventually drew.

Apparently Korean popular music is a thing, listened to Whistle  it sounds like African-American rock music. Music, it seems cultural evolution is passing me by.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Because I bought a pen with four colours (Black, Blue, Green & Red), 4 Colour Pen sketches from Auckland, drawn as I walk around.

Because I can combine the  feeble scrawl of a pen with the hazy lens of a cell phone camera.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Interesting youtube videos from EGX, a British computer games event,

a retrospective by Failbetter games, Sunless Seas development, possibly a form of advertisement.

and a panel discussion titled The past, present and future of Narrative in games.

Also a series of lectures, held at a english pub, about game design and narration called "VideoBrains Event". They are amusingly not politically correct and are really a form of entertainment, probably for people in that industry.