Thursday, 26 January 2017

More grainy cellphone camera images of notepad sketches.

Dragoon uniforms for comic idea

Female figures, various.

Figures various
Faces various

Self portrait, person at work wanted a picture of me,
this is the result of that "discussion".

A conversation, working on comic idea.

Uniform composed of geometric shapes.
Sometimes the sketches represent the raw intent better than the end product.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A cool comic "Bite Me" by Dylan Meconis. Imagine Twilight as a comedy set during the French Revolution of 1792  (?1794).

New Year. Simplifying acquired detris, throwing away sketch pads, but took cellphone photos of some incomplete sketches because I am a packrat of sorts.

 Faces, influenced by flatmates and possibly something I was watching on TV.

Horse & figures in profile for comic idea, notice hook on left hand and unnatural legs of horse trotting.

Scene featuring dragoons for comic idea.

More faces

Obsessed with teeth, I'm not sure but I bet this was scrawled around the time of David Ayers (2016) "Suicide Squad".

 Was working on an idea for ending scenes of a comic.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

From a November draft, that I decided to post.

Scribbling work,

So Donald Trump is now the American President Elect. Dieu Soit loue.
Here is the closest American Patriotic image I have,
from at least two years ago,

and, two comics, that are good, for different reasons.

Behind you, which is appropriate to a Halloween theme, and

Cheer Up Emo Kid., which successfully uses minimalist art.

In the context of a hot sunny lazy sunday afternoon.
From last year, around Christmas time, a small gift that I eventually drew.

Apparently Korean popular music is a thing, listened to Whistle  it sounds like African-American rock music. Music, it seems cultural evolution is passing me by.